Interior design studio that stands for dedication, quality and a distinctive, modern style. Our designs are driven by natural colors & balance between shapes and materials as well as art details.



A room is more than just four walls. It must be an atmospheric space with a pleasant atmosphere in which you feel comfortable. For the ultimate living experience it is important that your interior is adapted to your lifestyle.



Ardore offer the on-line option to receive customized interior advice or even interior project. That way will help you to get that extra creative push that helps you to refresh andcreate your home by renovation or just with new style docarations.



Ardore commercial spaces are an extension of your brand identity and show that you are a special company with a strong message. All facilities are available. Beautiful can also be practical. Ardore interior designs are timeless and stylish, with attention to details.




Ardore also offer home styling service, which is the best solution for those who want to sell a property or have a problem with renting it. Sell your property faster, showing its possibilities and advantages.






Ardore Design was born of the need for independence and creativity. From the very beginning I wanted to have one of the best interior design company which is focused on customers and their lifestyle (increasingly based on modern design and technologies like smart home).


Today, Ardore Design is the center of creativity, cooperation and lifestyle. My mission and the foundation of work as an interior architect is shaping and creating spaces for people who go through different phases of life, establishing changing functional requirements and developing other stylistic preferences or people who want to offer something special for community. In the face of so many changes and possibilities, I think that interiors change with, and for people.  When designing, I care for the well-being of all building users, regardless of whether they are residents, employees, clients or visitors. i accept the latest technologies in our practice, seeking inspiration in art, fashion and nature.

My clients can expect a beautifully designed and carefully tailored design for their needs and budget. My simple and organized design process allows you to feel at ease throughout the entire project to focus on what matters most for you and your space.


Partnership is one of my brand key values.

I believe that I can cooperate with my clients.

It is transparency and quality. I expect that clients are value the same.


I look forward to meeting you and designing your interiors full of benefits.

Interested in working with me?






Mail me or call me for interior design, product design, real estate styling or house renovation.


E-mail: info@ardoredesign.nl

Phone: +31 681 189 520

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